What are land prices like in the USA?

As part of my series of hobbies, I have been looking at landscaping a lot more, and a lot more into how I can buy land in Thailand or the USA 

Land is one of the most valuable assets to own and this has been the case from as far back in time as can be remembered. The United States of America is one of the countries which has varying land prices across its states. The combined value of land in the U.S.A is estimated to be 23 trillion dollars according to a recent study.

The price or value of land largely depends on a few factors such as whether the land type is a developed urban or suburban area, federally owned land or is an agricultural intensive land area.

The land worth/price is significantly impacted by the type of area it is. Agricultural lands tend to be of lower value than Urban developed areas.

Highest and lowest land prices in America

An overview of the prices would be a comparison of the highest and lowest priced lands in the U.S.A.

1. Highest price (New Jersey)

According to the study, New Jersey was the most valuable state in terms of land. Prices where in the ranges of 196, 410 dollars per acre. Developed land is always more expensive and almost 31 percent of New Jersey was classed as developed.

2. Lowest Price (Wyoming)

One of the largest states, the land prices in Wyoming were 1,588 dollars per acre. The price is reflective of most large state’s in the country. In addition, more than half of Wyoming is owned by the Government and is federally owned.

When Landscaping Why do people use grass on lawns

How do you imagine a perfect lawn to be? One with lush green grass, geometrically accurate arrangement of trees and what not. It is incredibly expensive to maintain a perfect garden, for it requires mowing, aerating, fertilizing and watering on timely basis. The reason as to why people have grass on lawns is partly because of European History according to which these patches of grass surrounded French and English castles.

The word “lawn” originates from the Middle English word ??launde” which means “an opening in the wood.” People have landscaping done on lawns because it helps in forming garden beds, pathwaysand patios. It also prevents soil erosion and makes it soft.

Prior to this period of time, only wealthy and elite class of people had grass on their lawns and it would require immense manpower to apparently maintain it. One factor that made “grass lawns” popular was the Industrial Revolution which led to the invention on the grass mower in 1830s. The designer of Central Park in New York, Fredrick Olmstead popularized the concept of having grass lawns in people’s homes as they wanted to overcome the pollution due to industrialization.

Lastly, people began to develop interest in games like golf, in the 20th Century, particularly in North America. This led to them having grass lawns in their homes where they could practice this sport as a form of recreation. 

What is patent landscaping and FTO?

With a patent, engineers and entrepreneurs are able to be able to prevent companies and other entities from producing and profiting from their inventions.

The process of obtaining this important legal license consists in first carrying out what’s called “patent landscaping“. Patents are grouped together in classes, and the patent seeker needs to examine the classes that are relevant to his or her invention in order to see if there is any overlap with other inventions that have already been patented to the extent that it may constitute grounds for infringement.

Once the landscape of existing patents has been thoroughly reviewed, and it has been determined that there is no infringement with other patents, than the inventor/entrepreneur has what’s called FTO or freedom to operate. At this stage he or she is able to freely market their invention to buyers, companies, and other financial backers.

So what is patent landscaping and FTO? Well, we hope this gives a broad explanation of what these terms refer to in the patent process. However, as you may have already been able to guess, passing from the patent landscaping phase to FTO involves lots of intricacies and the expertise of a lawyer who specializes in patent law. For example, in chiang mai property management, it is suggested that FTO is achieved 6 months prior to planned landscaping. Furthermore, in the UK, it is mandatory to achieve FTO 6 months prior.  

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